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This service is only for Mac users showcasing their skills or for companies looking for talents on the Mac Platform.

It’s made for developers with these skills: xCode, Objective-C, Swift,SwiftUI. It’s made for designers always more productive on the Mac platform with unique tools like Sketch, Principle or Hype. It’s made for technicians able to solve problems of Apple users on the software or the hardware. In fact, it’s made for any Mac user with very strong skills (writing, marketing, music, etc.)

The service is also made for any company looking for people with excellent skills on the Mac platform.


Once registered, a freelancer can create a profile but also micro-services to sell on the website. A micro service can be a logo design, a consulting mission, anything related to the skills. It’s a way to encourage visitors of the service to try some skills with affordable offers.


Once registered, a company can publish projects for freelancers. Registered freelancers can apply to projects or a company can ask a freelancer to apply for it.


When a company is paying a freelancer for a project or a micro service, we process the payment and only keep 10% of the total as a commission. The freelancer can be paid at any time with a Paypal account or with any US bank account.

If you have any questions, send an email to