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Design Lead / Product Designer

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UPDATE: I’m open to remote positions. I have 7 years of experience working remotely. I’m currently staying in Huntsville, AL during covid19 crisis

I’m French (green card holder) living in Sunnyvale, California. I’m a Design Lead, Product Designer, very good at simplifying complex products. I have experience managing a team. My passion of design is all about the Apple way: building simple, beautiful products that people love to use.

I started my career in France learning about advertising, visual design, packaging, desktop publishing, typography on a Mac with Photoshop and Illustrator 1.0. I helped many companies to move the production from manual tools to the digital way. I learned why quality matters.

In 1995, I got rewards for an interactive CD-Rom made with Macromedia Director for the promotion of the Euro currency.

Between 2001 and 2015, I created innovative, very successful Apps for Apple platforms loved by customers for the simplicity and the great user experience. I became an expert of UI/UX before the terms were adopted by the industry.

Since 2016, I’m in the United States and I have the great opportunity to work for many startups. I contributed to build high quality products, services and websites for consumer, b2b or enterprise markets.

I care about high quality, consistency and simplicity. I’m always the advocate of end users, often misunderstood by geeks, not thinking the same way. My current tools are Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Framer, Figma, Invision, ProtoPie


Email Verified Patrice Calligaris

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